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Deo Volante
Crown Road, Buxton
Norfolk, NR10 5EH

Telephone: 01603 279581

The Goat Inn, Skeyton

The Goat Inn, Skeyton

The Goat Inn, Skeyton

The Goat Inn, Skeyton screenshot

The Goat Inn, Skeyton, is a long running public house. Just recently they decided that what was required to help their many businesses along was an informative website they could change and adjust to reflect changing menu prices or other offerings.

With this in mind, and given the budget, we suggested a website that allowed them to connect with Adobe Contribute, allowing them to easily edit and publish back any changes to the website.

This has allowed the staff a means to edit and adjust the menu over time, with relative ease even for those without needing a huge technical knowledge of what is involved behind the scenes.


Contact: Jo Clarke

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Hanworth Timber Company

Hanworth Timber Company

Hanworth Timber Company screenshot

This website started with many potential future goals, including allowing Hanworth Timber to control the categories and products available through an easy to use web-browser interface so they could expand their stock offerings as and when spare staff time was available.

Additionally they wanted to the capability to expand functionality in the future to allow trade customers to place orders over the Internet and help ease the way that Hanworth Timber Company received order information to help make it easier for them to deal with day to day packing and dispatch of large numbers of products.

The website was designed to be delivered in stages, allowing the customer to expand or freeze development at any time based on the state of their business, or their available free resources.


Telephone: 01263 761766

Contact: Mandy

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Les Harris Drag Racing Team

Les Harris Drag Racing Team

Les Harris Drag Racing Team screenshot

Les Harris has been racing drag bikes for quite a few years, and are significant competitors in the sport, currently holding three NAST Championship season wins!

The team has raced more then one bike under the team name at more then one time in its history, enjoying spreading the wonders of a fast pair (of wheels that is) up and down the land.

Since we introduced him to the internet some three years ago, Les himself has grown from a self-confessed non-user of computers and the Internet, to an everyday Internet addict.

The site we have created for him is just a start, as it will turn into a nice little technology demonstration area in the coming years, making it a deeply functional web application. However it has gathered a fairly wide following, not the least with the growth of the racing club in which they are involved, but also since having been in a few episodes of Scrapheap Challenge and some magazine photo shoots.

So much more important is the website to their team, that there are regular meetings, normally twice or three times a month, to discuss topics and/or update the website content to bring it up to date with what has been happening.


Contact: Les Harris

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Weatherley's Motorcycles

Weatherley's Motorcycles

Weatherley's Motorcycles screenshot

Adecs have helped Weatherley's Motorcycles get on to the Internet, providing them with a website showing their stock, live as they update it.

Weatherley's is a family run used motorcycle dealer that have years of experience with motorcycles, and are based in the Norfolk countryside.

With our help we have managed to extend their marketing offerings from some of the major motorcycle trading magazines to additionally bring them online, with a website that reflects the stock they have, which can be maintained by Weatherley's staff and changed as and when they need to update it.

Only a few months after the website's delivery Weatherley’s Motorcycles reported a tripling of their December sales for that year! We think this has been a huge contributor to their continued success, even through the troublesome recent years.

Originally the customer had discussed more complicated web sites with us, until we pointed out their already successful adverts in the motorcycle trade magazines were a simple side-on photo of the bike, with select information of interest to any prospective customer. This had worked for them for many years, so we suggested and took a similar approach on their website, with good feedback from the users who found it simple, and yet fast. The simplicity has made the website accessible from internet enabled phones and games consoles, allowing a wider range of user preferred access options.


Contact: Michael and Steven Weatherley

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Business & Process Analysis (1)

Business analysis is the identification of business needs and determining solutions to specific problems facing that business.

The first step to improving a process is to analyze it in order to understand the activities, their relationships, and the values of relevant metrics.

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Database Design & Development (5)

Database Design is the process of creating a detailed data model of the way information is intending to be persisted.

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Training Courses (9)

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Web Applications Development (7)

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Website Hosting (7)

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ADECS testimonials...

Top People!

To be honest, before I met Adecs I was one of the crowd that thought “BAH! Computers! What do I need them for?”

It wasn’t until I saw how a website changed our team’s means of communication, and the ease at which we could spread both our knowledge, and other information we felt was important to those interested in our sport that I really started to change my mind.

These days one of the guys at Adecs constantly ribs me that he thinks I have a problem, because I can’t go very many days without access to the Internet!

They have completely helped to change my view of our sport, the world and what can be achieved through good use of a computer system and website.

Les Harris – Les Harris Drag Racing Team

Our Website Experiences

At first we weren’t sure how the Internet would affect us. Our adverts in trade magazines had always been a successful driving factor with our business, in compliment with our commitment to customer service and maintaining a good reputation.

Through one of our staff we were introduced to Adecs, and after some discussions of our ideas, we used their experience as our guide and adopted a relatively simple approach at first to see how things went, mirroring our magazine adverts.

About three months after its release was our first December since the website launch, and the number of motorcycles we sold was three times more then the previous year!

We have been with Adecs since the start, and they have taken care of the technical things leaving us to concentrate on our speciality.

Michael & Steve Weatherley – Weatherley's Motorcycles